• The Lost Dirigible - Discovery
  • Desert Transport
  • Bike City Gold
  • Spaceport Night 01
  • Greening Installation
  • Guarded Entrance
  • Blue Station Red Train
  • eLev City View
  • Env Sketch - Site 003 Arsenal 4
  • Env Sketch - Fire Pillar Stairway
  • Env Sketch - Game Level Hallway
  • Env Sketch - Docking Bay 01

Latest Projects

4/16/2015 Featured on Kotaku.com!

I’ve been drawing some spaceships in a little sketchbook and posting them on Twitter, and they got featured! ūüôā http://kotaku.com/drawing-spaceships-the-old-fashioned-way-1698384634# Most honored, thanks!

Jeep COD:MW3 Commercial

I did the storyboards for this Jeep COD:MW3 commercial. Lots of fun!

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ELev City View WIP 2

Concept Paints Update WIP, 10/4

Got farther on these two but forgot to post them, been a little busy, heh. On the purple one, the sunset clouds background kindly provided photographically by the mighty¬†John Scalzi. Slowing down a bit on these because I’m looking for work, but will keep posting regularly.

Gnomon Live Sketches, 10/03

I went to the awesome¬†Gnomon Live workshop¬†this past weekend to see some of the best concept people in the business talking about their work and doing live demos. So great. I take lots of notes at events like this, and between writing down choice bits of knowledge I doodle all over the notepad. Thought you Read the Rest…

Env Sketch - Site 003 Arsenal 4

Environment Sketches > Color, 9/27

Ah, you thought I went back to hibernating again? Not so! I’ve been working really hard on all those previous paintings, on redesigning my website, and on putting together a demo reel. Fun! In this post, I’ve taken a bunch of those pen-on-paper environment drawings from a while back (here’s some) and done a quick, Read the Rest…

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