• Desert Transport
  • Bike City Gold
  • Spaceport Night 01
  • Greening Installation
  • Guarded Entrance
  • Blue Station Red Train
  • eLev City View
  • Env Sketch - Site 003 Arsenal 4
  • Env Sketch - Fire Pillar Stairway
  • Env Sketch - Game Level Hallway
  • Env Sketch - Docking Bay 01


Spaceport Night - personal project

Spaceport Night WIP 9/21

Another continuation of the quickpaints. This one’s fighting me, I’m getting frustrated with it, so I’m going to put it down and come back in a few days. Nice to have that luxury, instead of having an AD standing behind me waiting for it. Good thing: got to see the Shuttle Endeavour and 747 carrier Read the Rest…

Greening Installation

Greening Installation WIP 9/20

Here’s the next uprezzed image I’m working on from the 4-ups, calling it “Greening Station”. Not sure if that means it’s some kind of terraforming thing or if it’s a derelict station where nature is moving in. Works either way. I don’t think I can get more detailed on this one in an efficient way Read the Rest…

Desert Transport

Desert Transport WIP 9/19

Here’s about 3 hours more work on an uprezzed version of one of the recent concept paints. I’m liking how this is going; that said, just realized there’s a shadow problem on the cupola to the left. Not hard to fix. I think this needs some more “stuff” laying around, probably a couple other vehicles Read the Rest…

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